talk to me about trans characters anytime

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i wanna watch teen wolf for arden cho t bh

i wanna watch twd for like half the cast tbh

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im bad and terrible at smut and characterization but the world needs this pairing on ao3

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someone give me an emmys rundown


Ok never mind

dishwasher overshadowing the sound of 8tracks ohhhhohoho

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who’s this sack a beans

tagged by: kayla arctickayla

name: i have many names, and all of them are equally true and powerful

nickname: bec, floss, flo, becker, becs, becca (the ubiquitous one from childhood), ledges, legs

birthday: 9/28

gender: the great expanses of empty space between things and other things, the absence of sound, the void

sexuality: bisexual

height: 5’ 5” maybe 5’ 6” idk the nurse didnt tell me last time i had a checkup

timezone: CST (-6 hrs or five during daylight savings time)

what time and date is it there: 8:28 am august 27th

average hours of sleep I get each night: 10-6 is the rough schedule im on so…. 8

last thing I googled: borderline personality disorder

most used phrase(s): “you finding everything ok?” at work

first word that comes to mind: tapping

last thing I said to a family member: “love you, goodnight”

one place that makes me happy and why: little muddy area at the bottom of my yard where i like to go check out the ditch and the fungi growing there (and the trash depositing there)

favorite beverages: sweetened coffee but i drink water continuously

last movie I watched in the cinema: guardians of the galaxy thrice

three things I can’t live without: internet, friends, comfort food

something I plan on learning: spanish, all other human tongues

a piece of advice for all my followers: dont eat too rich foods bc you will shit a lot and it will not be pleasant

you all have to listen to this song: chicago/clocks mashup (sufjan stevens and coldplay)

blogs: philologist (main), agendersinitiative (marvel/dc/sometiems other hero stuff), nsfw blog im not giving the url to bc children, captcarolsusanjanedanvers (captain marvel rp)

tag five people: asexualbenpaul crossbonesandcutlery daftpenetration sylveoff moshimoshicthulhudesu annnnndddd anyone who wantss tooo (just @ me please)

nice rainy day w parents gone and sleepover later aaaa

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so a us coast guard ship just fired at an iranian fishing boat because they allegedly pointed a weapon at them. not seeing any articles on it yet but here’s a tweet from the official abc news twitter


Reasons trans health care is difficult to obtain:

1. Cis normative society
2. Transphobia
3. Medical gate keepers

Things that DON’T make trans health care harder to obtain:

1. Non binary people
2. Non dysphoric trans people
3. “Fake” pronouns

hope that helps

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